Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Please explain about BAHIRDAR Tannery briefly?
A1: BAHIRDAR Tannery PLC was established in 1998 G.C. at Bahir Dar Town by Mr. Yigzaw Assefa Wonde to process crust and semi-finished leather products for the leather market with 11 million Birr initial capital and presently it is engaged on the production and exporting of finished leather products to the international market.
Q2: What are the major products of BAHIRDAR Tannery?
A1: The main products of the Company are:

  • Dressing and Sport Wear Gloves Leather
  • Garments Leathers
  • Upper Shoe and Other Leather Products

Q3: What is the daily production capacity of the Company?
A3: The Company’s present production capacity is 3,000 goat and sheep skins and 1,000 cow hides per day.
Q4: How can I make order products from the Company?
A4: You can order products by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Q5: What kind of payments does BAHIRDAR Tannery supports
A5: We support both L/c and TT for the payment purposes
Q6: What is the unique feature of the Company?
A6: One of our unique features is to produce world-class high-quality leather product which is extremely suitable for gloves and garments.
Q7: How is the relation of the Company to the environment and community?
A7: The Company established firm and healthy relationship with both the environment and community. It also developed Integrated Management System to be applied for all processes that have a relation with quality, safety, environment, and community.
Q8: What is the Company’s approach towards the quality and deliver time?
A8: We believe quality starts from the raw material that we acquire from supplier and proved to be at the final stage of the production process. We also put huge emphasis on delivery time equal to producing high-quality products.
Q9: Is there any R&D programme within the Company?
A9: Yes. Our R&D department is our foundation and platform to produce first-class leather products by generating innovative and creative ideas in the production processes. It is also undergoing progressive research to protect the environment from pollution.
Q10: What is the advantage of working with BAHIRDAR Tannery?
A10: Our partners who work with us is hugely benefited from our high-grade quality and premium leather products, delivery time, and our lower price tagged into our products.

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