About BAHIRDAR Tannery: Overview

BAHIRDAR Tannery Production FacilityAs many reports revealed, Ethiopia has a huge amount of livestock (animal resource), which ranks the country 1st in Africa and 10th in the world. But as the matter of fact, the country has not been benefited from the sector in regard to the immense potential what the country endowed.

In recent years, however, due to the changing policy framework of the country’s government that has banned the export of raw hides and skins, rather the government encourages and supports the establishment of tanning industries which priority targeted to produce and export finished leather products to the world leather market.

Cognizant of the above stated factors, BAHIRDAR Tannery PLC has been, through, established to process and export crust and semi-processed raw hides and skins, but at present the tanning company engaged to work on the production and export of high-quality finished leather products to the leather markets all over the world.

In other round, in different countries of the world the tanning business has becoming a boundary investment sector, which is creating some problems on those investors in developing countries including in Ethiopia, especially in market competitiveness and hence, the sustainability of such businesses.

Among the problems described here are the following:

  • Developed countries have are already developed their own brand of the finished leather products
  • Most of the markets are possessed by these prominent finished leather producing tanning companies
  • For the developing countries like Ethiopia, the capacity to produce a variety of finished leather products for the market is limited.

The Founder: Mr. Yigzaw Assefa

Mr. Yigzaw Assefa is the founder of the Company and has been serving BAHIRDAR Tannery as a Managing Director since its establishment back in 1998 G.C.

A more than 30 years of enormous and genuine experience in the leather sector and the experience gained as a General Manager of three state-owned tanneries in Ethiopia accompanied by his educational background paved a way to him to establish and run a successful tannery (BAHIRDAR Tannery) within a short period of time. He also served the Ethiopian Leather Industry Association as being a member of Board of Directors and as a President for a long period of time.

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Vision and Mission

To develop its own quality leather brand and become a competent leather industry which is preferred by the consumers in the global leather market.

  • To develop and/or manufacture the finest leather products which could meet the customer’s expectations in quality, delivery time, and other key standards.
  • To be a competitive company and to maximize its share in the market all the way through adopting new technology, process innovations, and world-class business strategies.
  • To develop and engage on ensuring a healthy and friendly relationship with the environment and community.

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