Quality Statement

To accomplish quality leather products, we have been adopting the following strategies:-

Quality starts from the inputs

No matter how much innovative the production process or modern machineries with extremely equipped workforce are on hand, if we are using low standard and inconvenient raw hides and skins (i.e. inputs), the end product will not likely to be a quality product. Therefore, first we are very fortunate to have an access of convenient raw materials in a higher amount around where we are located in and second our belief of using standard raw hides and skins for the production process made us a quality devoted Company. It includes giving awareness about the better cattle handling for our suppliers of raw materials to avoid the damages on the cattle. Because with a slight injuries up on the cattle, it leave scars and blemishes caused by untreated skin irritations.

Quality Continues in the Processing
In the process of upholding quality all through the production, every step in the processing uses time-proven techniques, which yields the right colour, surface, form, consistency and durability in the finished leather product. Perfection in any matter could not be complete, rather perfection is the concept of an ‘often change’ with changing production process and the changing need of customers could vary together.
When perfection in quality is the goal, every detail, applied during the production process should be important to describe.

  • We apply a qualitative work psychology
  • Each employee is responsible for their work passing on from on e employee to another a product meeting the requirements and needs of its customers
  • Internal Quality Management Systems and Quality Control Mechanisms are set at different stages of the production process to cover up all activities
  • We create an environment where participation and team effort ensures that all qualitative aspects are taken into account
  • We comply to work the international standards of quality products for the leather product
  • We have been developing and adopting new ways of production processes and technologies that have a direct correspondence with the quality assurance aspects

Quality is proved in the Final Product
The matter of quality is proved to be, if the users or consumers of the specific product are well satisfied and become a preferable product than others in all parameters of quality. In this regard, our finished leather products have been becoming the most preferable products within the domestic and international leather markets. Especially, the receivers of our finished leather products around Europe are very satisfied with our products.

Vision and Mission

To develop its own quality leather brand and become a competent leather industry which is preferred by the consumers in the global leather market.

  • To develop and/or manufacture the finest leather products which could meet the customer’s expectations in quality, delivery time, and other key standards.
  • To be a competitive company and to maximize its share in the market all the way through adopting new technology, process innovations, and world-class business strategies.
  • To develop and engage on ensuring a healthy and friendly relationship with the environment and community.

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