Success Stories

In its successful investment in the tanning industry and the contribution of the Company for the export of finished industrial products for the world leather market, it was recognized and awarded by different institutions and by the FDRE Government. From the awards and recognitions the following are some of them.
1.    Recognitions

  • The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia President Honourable Girma Wolde-Giorgis puts his memorandum of appreciation for the Environmental friendly production processes and projects of the Company.
  • The Company received a sudden personal visit of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to our Tannery Factory at Bahir Dar Town, in recognition of our successful investment and best production process practices.

2.    Awards

  • The Chemical Industry Department of Bahir Dar University awards a certificate of appreciation and thankful letter to the Company for its contribution of providing on job trainings for the department students
  • The Poly-Technic School of Bahir Dar University gives a thankful letter, for the provision of trainings for the College graduates so as to improve their technical skill and upgrading their job performance.
  • The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom awards the Company for its better production process performance and environmentally friendly projects
  • The Amhara Regional State HIV/AIDS Secretariat Office awards a certificate of appreciation for its provision of trainings and interventions to the staff workers of the Company about the issues of HIV/AIDS and STDs.

3.    Prizes

  • The Amhara Regional Government Investment Promotion Agency awarded our Company a gold medal with a certificate of appreciation, in recognition to a successful investment and our contribution for the national economy

4.    Achievements

  • The development and adoption of the Integrated Management System for our key determinant factors (i.e. Quality, Safety, Environment, and Community) for the growth and success our Company within the market
  • Other success story of our Company could be described in the way of adopting best Waste Material Management System. Our success in managing and recycling the waste materials could be an exemplary practice, which should be applied in other Tannery Industries of the country.

The Founder: Mr. Yigzaw Assefa

Mr. Yigzaw Assefa is the founder of the Company and has been serving BAHIRDAR Tannery as a Managing Director since its establishment back in 1998 G.C.

A more than 30 years of enormous and genuine experience in the leather sector and the experience gained as a General Manager of three state-owned tanneries in Ethiopia accompanied by his educational background paved a way to him to establish and run a successful tannery (BAHIRDAR Tannery) within a short period of time. He also served the Ethiopian Leather Industry Association as being a member of Board of Directors and as a President for a long period of time.

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