Guiding Principles

“Let’s go!”

In order to maximize our market share and to boost the satisfaction of our customers by a quality production the Company has adopting different guiding principles especially, in the areas of employee, production process improvement, customer satisfaction, environment friendly related and on such factors targeted to get better the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company on the markets of leather products in the world.

Employee (Workforce) Related
The employees of the Company have contributed a greater share in the production of quality leather products for the market. And therefore, these employees should have been trained, skilled and competitive/specialized professionals of the tanning industries. By giving a prior considerations in this area, our Company employed those workers who technically skilled manpower. Additionally, among these workers some of them are educated and trained for more specializations in Europe by the Company. Furthermore, the Company is being ensuring the well-being and safety of all workers through providing different services and facilities.

Customer Satisfaction Related
In maximizing the satisfaction level of customers, quality products with a timely delivery have a greater impact on it. Therefore, our Company have been upgrading its production and dedicated to satisfy the expectations of customers in quality, price setting, and delivery time.

Production Process Optimization Related
In any way, our prior attention is the production of quality leather products for our clients. In considering this, we have been applying innovative production process and well-equipped, modern, and state-of-the-art production machineries to our Company.

Environment Friendly Related
We need the environment! And we share the responsibility to protect our environment from the pollution and risky activities. Therefore, we have been engaged in the activities of protecting the environment.

Vision and Mission

To develop its own quality leather brand and become a competent leather industry which is preferred by the consumers in the global leather market.

  • To develop and/or manufacture the finest leather products which could meet the customer’s expectations in quality, delivery time, and other key standards.
  • To be a competitive company and to maximize its share in the market all the way through adopting new technology, process innovations, and world-class business strategies.
  • To develop and engage on ensuring a healthy and friendly relationship with the environment and community.

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